Hello! My name is Jamie Herzlinger and I am an Interior Designer with offices in New York City and Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. My firm is recognized as a leader in Classical Modern and we are hired to work on projects across the United States.

In addition to the past twenty years of working in the Interior Design Industry I am also raising two daughters that have enabled me to hone my skills of design on projects where we need to by conscious of fabric choices that involve families and pets.

 I am writing this blog as suggested by many of my current clients as well as a lot of emails that I receive daily, to questions that I am asked in regards to helping someone with their project.

I will be discussing design questions and solutions, as well as posting the finished product weekly; that will answer many many, of the design challenges that occur universally.

I am a modernist at heart, but I love the blend of Classical and period antiques paired with contemporary pieces.  I like to create beautiful visual fusions of styles that become my signature style.

My source of inspirations is always changing.  I am continually discovering new sources, materials and techniques that enable me to bring you the best the world has to offer!

I have always been very influenced by fashion, as I hail from four generations in the clothing industry;  my great aunt having started the millinery department for Mrs. Bergdorf and the story continues from there with my grandfather having started the licensing for Pierre Cardin and the advent of using Fur on cloth coats in the 40’s; to my mother who started in maternity when she was pregnant with me, having designed clothing for a First Lady to famous Hollywood actresses-my mother then went on to start what was then, an unknown for women’s clothing-sportswear.  I entered the Fashion Industry at a very young age and began my own label, Jamie Herzlinger. 

Fashion styles and trends always seem to set the pace for interior design.  Whether it is in the form of leading the Interior Design industry with that years color palette, or a sense of scale which is garnered from the styles of the times, I can always count on looking to the Fashion Industry for answers.

My style and sense of design is adrift from the obvious and the “try too hard,” to a more classical interpretation of modern. 

Classical modern demands clarity to carry it off, plus a degree of confidence and a disciplined approach to color.

I am excited to be offering great solutions to everyday problems and I look forward to hearing from you!


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