Hello! i found thee most fabulous fabrics between yesterday and today! i have taken photos of them so you may see the development and get great ideas for your project!

Tomorrow starts the floor plan and the cabinetry so we will be ready for Friday’s unveiling! Have a great night!


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Challenge: To design a child’s room

In designing this child’s room, which by the way is for a young lady of six years, I have to take my clues from how the family lives. And their evolving needs; sleepover parties for their daughter, a feminine room that she is able to grow up in and by merely changing out the desk and chair to fit her when she is older.  Those are the only two pieces that I can change going forward. Their daughter has to be able to make her own bed in the morning and have shelves for her books and toys and also a lot of floor space for she and her friends to play.  i have been given inspiration photos and i start from there. i am going to show to you the inspiration photos and update ideas daily for you to follow! by this Friday we should have the room finished and ready for the presentation!

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